Tennessee Valley Authority

Study Advises Against TVA Sale

Jun 4, 2014
WUOT News, Matt Moon

A study by the financial services firm Lazard suggests the federal government’s sale of the Tennessee Valley Authority could be expensive, disruptive and current TVA customers might end up paying more for electricity.

WUOT News, Matt Moon


  For more than 30 years, Stephen Smith has been a thorn firmly planted into the side of the Tennessee Valley Authority.  The Executive Director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy has never been shy about holding the giant utility accountable, especially when it comes to the TVA’s dismal record on air quality

President’s Budget Suggests TVA Sale

Mar 4, 2014
WUOT News, Matt Shafer Powell

(NOTE:  This story was updated on 6/4/14  to include revised debt figures)

For the second time in as many years, President Barack Obama’s budget contains a suggestion that the federal government rid itself of the Tennessee Valley Authority and its $26.3 billion debt.