Health Care Reform

Ana Gonçalves is from Brazil, and wears many hats here in Knoxville. She's a board member for the Knoxville Montessori School. She's a massage therapist. And she's the founder of Rescuing Health, a non-profit that helps pay for medical treatments and ancillary costs for those who have nowhere else to turn. With so many falling through gaps in coverage, or unable to pay for treatments, Ana says there's a huge need for organizations like hers and volunteers to help manage the program -- and fund it. 

What Tennessee's Health Care Exchange Will Look Like

Oct 1, 2013
Knox Area Project Access

Tennessee’s healthcare exchange opens today, giving private citizens a chance to purchase health insurance in a competitive market. For many, the idea of a health insurance marketplace exchange is a confusing and unfamiliar concept. To help sort some of it out, WUOT's Christine Jessel sits down with Erin Hill, Executive Director of Knoxville Area Project Access, a government-appointed “Health Care Navigator”.

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On Monday December 10, 2012, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam made an important decision: The health insurance exchange required under the Affordable Care Act will be managed in Washington, not Tennessee. It may sound arcane, but it's a crucial choice as the nation prepares to change the way health insurance is offered, managed and sold.  Dr. Carole Myers is an associate professor in the University of Tennessee's College of Nursing.