Domestic Abuse

WUOT News/ Violence Policy Center

In 2012, 53 women were killed by men in Tennessee.

The average victim was 40 years old.

She was white, but 21 of her fellow victims were black.

She was most likely to have been shot with a gun by a man she knew.  In fact, none of the 53 women were killed by strangers.  She was romantically involved with him at the time of her murder, or she had been at one time.   Her murder was probably the result of an argument.

In Tennessee, it’s a familiar tale.

A Key To My Room: The Women Of The YWCA

Jun 9, 2014
WUOT News, Matt Shafer Powell

It's that easy hour between the end of another workday and the promise of the evening.

In the lobby of the Downtown Knoxville YWCA, a woman comes down from her room to play the piano. Other women move in and out of the building, some stop to chat with the staff at the front desk, get their mail. Others relax on the couches, listening to the music and talking with friends.