Death Penalty

Death Penalty Bill Could Lead To More Electrocutions

Mar 27, 2014
AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

  A bill passed by House and Senate committees on Wednesday would ease restrictive language that has kept the Department of Correction from using the electric chair as a means to execute death row inmates.

Tennessee Requests Record Number Of Death Row Executions

Dec 5, 2013
Tennessee Department of Correction

In a state that has only executed six death row inmates since 1960, Tennessee appears ready to enter a period in which executions become more common.

The Tennessean reports the State Attorney General’s office recently petitioned the Tennessee Supreme Court to schedule ten executions, an unprecedented number.  One of those requests has been granted; Billy Ray Irick is scheduled to die January 15 for the 1985 rape and murder of a seven year-old Knoxville girl.