tenn words

If asked to answer that question in ten words or less, how would you respond?

"My cancer coming back"

"Losing my job"

"Someone hurting my kids"

"My daughter's employment status"

This summer, the tenn words display will be traveling throughout East Tennessee to find out what's on your mind.  

Your answers to that question will be collected and cataloged by students from the University of Tennessee College of Social Work.  Trends will be identified, as well as outliers and the results will be used by WUOT's Award-winning news department to inform its coverage of the issues that affect this region.

Stay tuned to WUOT and keep an eye on our web site, Facebook page and Twitter feed to find out where you can see the tenn words ​booth.   

'tenn words' is a joint venture of 91.9 FM WUOT and the University of Tennessee College of Social Work.  Find us on twitter and see how your friends and neighbors responded to the question on our Instagram page.