Madeline Rogero

2014-2015 Knoxville Budget
3:19 pm
Thu April 24, 2014

Rogero Proposes Tax Increase In Latest Budget

Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero addresses a crowd Wednesday during the unveiling of her 2014-2015 operating budget.
Credit WUOT News, Brandon Hollingsworth

  The last time Knoxvillians saw a property tax increase, current governor Bill Haslam was the mayor asking for it.  It was 2004, Haslam's first year in office.

Ten years later, Haslam's successor says rising expenses are forcing her to ask for an increase.  At a Wednesday afternoon event to unveil her 2014-2015 budget, Madeline Rogero said she will ask City Council to approve a $.34 increase for every $100 of assessed value.  That means the owner of a $100,000 home will pay approximately $85 in additional taxes next year.

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Election 2012
12:00 am
Tue October 16, 2012

ELECTION 2012: Knoxville's Pension Plan Question

As early voting in Tennessee gets underway, Knoxville voters will cast ballots that could change the city charter. At issue: the pension plan for city workers. Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero has proposed what she calls a "hybrid" pension plan. It would apply to any employee hired after January 1, 2013, and would close the current pension plan. Changes will include a rise in retirement age and an increase in the pension vesting period (from 5 years to 10 years). The new plan would also put limits on defined benefits, or those benefits guaranteed by the city.

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