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Created weekly in the foothills of the Scottish Highlands, The Thistle and Shamrock is one of NPR's longest-running and most popular music offerings. This vibrant and engaging program is produced exclusively for public radio stations, and is the most listened-to Celtic music program in the world. 

FEB. 2016

6              From Vinyl to mp3 - Music collections have migrated from record shelves to disc drives but a great performance is there for posterity regardless of the storage media.  Enjoy an hour of Celtic masterpieces from across a quarter century

13           Words, Verses, Music - From romance to fairytales, poetry tells the story this week, with songs and tunes inspired by poets’ lives and works

20           Chansons - From “chant de marin” or sea shanties of Brittany to the songs of the “voyageurs” of the Canadian fur trade, enjoy the French songs that extend branches of the Celtic music tree from the old world to the new

27           The Witness - Fiona talks with writer Jamie Jauncey about the role of music in his novel “The Witness.”  As a pianist Jamie also shares the music of his life, as well as introducing compositions inspired by his book.


JAN. 2016

2              New Year New Music - Look forward to the New Year with a batch of the latest releases tracking the evolving traditions of music from Celtic roots.

9              Raise a Glass - Many a fine song has been sung around the drinking table to celebrate good company, lament absent friends, and bravely toast whate’er may come in the year ahead. Join us to sing some choruses with Tony Cuffe, the Voice Squad and other rousing voices.  (Drink - and sing - responsibly!)

16           New Writing - From instrumental commissions to new singer-songwriter output, we uncover a wealth of recently composed gems this week.

23           The Road of Tears - The story of the refugee is retold in different corners of the world with each passing era.  Along the trail, songs will bear witness to the true-life immigrant experience.  Today Battlefield Band, Mick Moloney and Mary Black join the artists continuing the tradition of singing their stories

30           Songs of the Bard - Hear great singers in the intoxicating embrace of the songs of Robert Burns, a songwriter and collector for the ages





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