The Next Wave Radio Project

WUOT’s Next Wave Radio Project gives the brightest and most ambitious college students an opportunity to experience public radio journalism from the inside.  Most Next Wave students at WUOT served the station as staff reporters, covering events, researching stories, recording and editing interviews and writing news copy for air. At the same time, the effort introduced a new generation to the passion that drives public radio. 

Below, you'll find the radio stories produced by some of our distinguished Next Wave alumni. Who knows? Maybe one of them will be the next Audie Cornish or Steve Inskeep.

Celsy Rimmer- Harambee

May 9, 2013

Since 1991, an organization known as “Tribe One” has been offering opportunities for Knoxville’s at-risk boys and young men to overcome the draw of the streets.  Tribe One uses a combination of spiritual formation, entrepreneurship and civic engagement as an alternative to gangs and drugs.  But now, Tribe One is extending its opportunities to young women and girls too.  As part of WUOT’s Next Wave Radio Project, Celsy Rimmer takes a look a program—that is anything but ordinary.


Kelsey Willis- Ginseng dealer calls it a career

May 9, 2013

Ginseng root has long been used in folk medicine in the United States and Asia.  But now, it's big business, appearing in pills, energy drinks and even cosmetics.  The manufacturers of these products buy ginseng from a seller.  The seller buys it from a network of buyers.  And those buyers purchase it from those who dig it out of the ground.  So before all the glitzy packaging and promises, the main ingredient in your energy drink may have started in North Springs, Tennessee with Ward Kemp.  As part of WUOT's Next Wave Radio Project, Kelsey Willis reports on how a scraggly root bec

Carolyn Lyden- Short Shorts

May 9, 2013

Social networking websites began as a way to keep up with old classmates and make new friends online.  More recently, sites like Twitter have taken on a different role, offering creative writers and easy and fast way to produce and publish their work.  As part of WUOT's Next Wave Radio Project, Carolyn Lyden reports that while Short Fiction is not new, it is headed in a different direction.

Bobby Evans- The Love Kitchen

May 9, 2013

If you've never been to East Knoxville's Love Kitchen, you're missing out on one of the city's truly remarkable stories. Over the past twenty-plus years, volunteers at the Love Kitchen have prepared and served hundreds of thousands of meals to the hungry. And it all began with a dream. WUOT's Ann Lloyd narrates this Next Wave Radio Project story, written and produced by Bobby Evans.


Shiela Hawkins- Equal Custody

May 9, 2013

Idaho is the only state in the nation that legally allows two parents who do not live together equal time with their children. Other states are being lobbied now to guarantee equal shared custody. Recently, the Tennessee legislature considered the proposal, but it was not approved. This leaves some fathers frustrated from navigating through a court system they say has a negative gender bias. Ann Lloyd narrates this report, produced for WUOT's Next Wave Radio Project by Shiela Hawkins.