Fiesta! on WUOT

Tuesdays from 8-9 p.m.

Fiesta! is a new, original production devoted to Latino concert music, and brings artistically significant compositions from Latin America, Spain and Portugal to listeners. The acclaimed composer, musician, performer, and professor Elbio Barilari is the host and creative force behind this series.  

Fiesta!, says the Uruguayan-born composer, features the hottest Latin-American music from the 16th to the 21st centuries. Mr Barilari, a faculty member of the University of Illinois at Chicago, is at the helm for this trip through the hidden pleasures of Latino concert music, including the magical rhythms of Silvestre Revueltas and Heitor Villa-Lobos and the power of symphonic tango. Plus, the series shares little-known treasures from the Latin-American Baroque, and celebrates classical guitar through the music of Agustin Barrios, Antonio Lauro, and Leo Brouwer.

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1     Music from Portugal
8    Forgotten Geniuses and Pioneers
15  The Myth and Music
22   Composers from Chile
29   Viva la Zarzuela!


4     Soccer and Music
11   Spanish Symphonies
18   Canyengue: African Roots – Part 2
25  Call of the Wild

JULY 2015

7     Impressions of Nature - Well before the Impressionism claimed direct inspiration in nature, musicians from different eras and styles linked the music to its forces. In this program we will features masterpieces by composers such as Almeida Prado (Brazil), José Pablo Moncayo (México), Esteban Benzecry (Argentina), and Alberto Villalpando (Bolivia).

14    Blas Galindo: Famous Unknown - As Joaquín Rodrigo’s music has been overshadowed by the extraordinary success of Concerto de Aranjuez, the composer, Blas Galindo has experienced the same fate because of his Sones de Mariachi. This program focuses on the monumental work of Galindo as a symphonic composer as well as the author of some delicate and delightful chamber pieces.

21           Canyengue: African Roots – Part 1 - Canyengue is lunfardo (slang) from Rio de la Plata. The word comes from the African Ki-Kongo language and means “melting with the music.” It would be impossible to understand the music of the Americas without the African apportation. More than 15 million Africans were forcefully brought across the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time, the native peoples were almost extinct due to mistreatment and exploitation, but also because of the epidemic diseases carried to the Americas by the Europeans. Genres like jazz, salsa, Brazilian samba or tango from Rio de la Plata, cannot be explained without the African element. 

28           Opera Heroes - Today a footnote in a history full, mostly, of Italian, German and French names, there were Latin American composers that were considered mega-stars in the opera houses of the 19th century: Mexican Melesio Morales and Brazilian Antônio Carlos Gomes.


JUNE 2015

2    The Classical Side of Astor Piazzolla

9   An Imaginary Concert - This program features, as in a traditional symphonic concert, an exquisite and vibrant overture, a full-scale violin concerto, and a monumental symphony. The composers are Brazilian Edino Krieger, Bolivian Alberto Villalpando and Mexican Blas Galindo

16   Leo Brouwer Once Again

23    Music of the Pacific – Music from Peru and  Chile

30   A Brazilian Romantic Giant: Alberto Nepomuceno


MAY 2015

5      Music after Jorge Luis Borges
12   Esteban Salas and Lobo Mesquita: Colonial    Music from Cuba and Brazil
19   The Magical Palette of Edino Krieger
26   Sephardic Music


APRIL 2015

7     The Tango Invasions
14   Villa-Lobos: Manuscripts and Lost Pieces
21    New-New Music
28     Variations on a Theme