American Radioworks on WUOT

Specials aired this month from American RadioWorks and American Public Media  are described below. If you missed hearing them on WUOT, you can go to the ARW website to listen anytime.


Friday, September 20, at noon -Second Chance Diploma: Examining the GED - Today's workers need more education and skills than ever before. But 39 million adults in the United States don't have even the most basic credential: a high school diploma. Many hope their ticket to a better job is passing a test called the GED. But critics say the test is too easy and hardly the equivalent of a high school education.



 Previously aired - Friday, September 6, at noon - One Child at a Time: Custom Learning in the Digital Age -  Researchers have long known the best way to learn is with a personal tutor. But tutoring is expensive. Providing the benefits of tutoring to everyone hasn't been possible. Now, experts say technology creates new ways for schools to customize education for each student. 

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