Virtual School Students See Failing Scores Again This Year

Aug 26, 2013


A virtual school that’s part of the Union County school district will remain open, despite two years of failing scores.                        

The Tennessee Virtual Academy fell short again this year in reading, math, science and social studies. The Tennessean newspaper reports that student scores were lower than peers in the remainder of the state’s 1,300 elementary and middle schools, meaning the school showed the least improvement in the state.

After the first year of failing scores, Governor Haslam introduced a bill that would limit enrollment or shut down any virtual school failing for two consecutive years. That measure was later amended to three consecutive years. Still, the scores may already be affecting enrollment at the virtual school: the Department of Education reports current enrollment is less than one-third of last year’s.

The for-profit online school is run by Virginia-based K12 Incorporated.

Tennessee state legislators passed a law in 2011, permitting virtual schools in the state. Since then, nine Tennessee school districts have opened virtual schools.