Today is Pet Pledge Day!

Oct 28, 2014

HABIT: Human-Animal Bond in Tennessee

  It’s Pet Pledge Day! Pledge in honor of your pets AND help Human-Animal Bond in Tennessee (HABIT)!

Today is a day to honor your furry (and not so furry) friends while supporting the station you care about. But wait, there’s more! Today is your chance to “Make it a HABIT” to donate to WUOT AND support a worthy nonprofit!

If WUOT receives 350 pledges by phone, online or in person by 8 tonight, Dream Katcher Lodge will donate $1,000 to Human-Animal Bond in Tennessee (HABIT)!

  Whether it’s a program at an elementary school to help children practice reading to a friendly feline or a program at a nursing home where residents can pet and play fetch with a precious pooch, HABIT makes a difference in people’s lives.

  HABIT has more than 400 members and over 250 are active volunteers involved in 70 different programs in 14 counties. With only one paid staff member, the organization relies heavily on donations and volunteers.

If WUOT receives 350 pledges by 8 p.m., Dream Katcher Lodge’s $1,000 donation will allow HABIT to purchase much-needed tablets so that HABIT evaluators can track the many services the organization provides.

Don’t delay…donate now! You know your pet will be glad you supported the programs you love AND helped HABIT that bring joy and peace to so many. Hop on over to the phone, pony up your pledge and have a purrfect day knowing you supported public radio. Thank you, and WOOF!

Call 865-974-5500 or 888-266-9868 between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.

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