Tennessee Sets State Record For Exports

Aug 12, 2013

Credit http://trade.gov/images/images2010/ita-emblem.jpg

The International Trade Administration reports that Tennessee's exports increased by 1% in the first half of this year, setting a new export record for the state.

According to the ITA, the state's largest export gains were increases of 60% percent to Singapore, 26% to the United Arab Emirates, 26% to South Korea and 17% to the Netherlands.

In 2012, the state's largest market was Canada, with 27.8% of the state’s total merchandise exports ($8.7 billion). Canada was followed by Mexico ($4.2 billion), China ($2.2 billion), Japan ($1.8 billion), and Belgium ($1.3 billion).

Tennessee's export shipments of merchandise in 2012 totaled $31.1 billion.

The state's largest merchandise exports last year were in Transportation Equipment ($6.0 billion), Computer & Electronic Products ($4.7 billion), and Chemicals ($4.7 billion).