Tennessee Seniors Among Unhealthiest In Nation

May 30, 2013

Credit https://www.unitedhealthfoundation.org/Main/Default.aspx

The latest America's Health Rankings Senior Report from the United Health Foundation ranked Tennessee 41st in the nation for senior health. The state has the highest rate of physical inactivity in the US; more than 350,000 residents aged 65 and older are inactive. The report also shows a high prevalence of food insecurity in the state, meaning that many Tennessee seniors don’t have regular access to healthy foods, and more than 33% percent of seniors in Tennessee have had all of their teeth extracted, one of the highest rates in the nation. The study shows that across the country, seniors are living longer, but are sicker: more than half live with multiple chronic conditions and more than 25% are obese. Seniors are predicted to make up a quarter of the nation’s population by 2050.