Tennessee Schools Offer Fruit And Veggie Snacks

Jul 17, 2013

Credit Brittany Randolph via Flickr Creative Commons.

Some Tennessee students will get more than a typical serving of fresh fruits and vegetables in class this year. Tennessee received $3.3  million dollars in federal funds to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to schools with the most kids in free and reduced lunch programs. Students in participating schools will get fruit like kiwis or peaches or a vegetable like broccoli or peppers during the school day as a snack outside of regular meals. Schools receive $50 dollars per enrolled student to cover the price of the fresh produce; each school decides how to deliver the snacks. Most of the schools getting funding are in the Memphis area, but twelve Knox County elementary schools and two preschools will participate this year. In all, 159 schools in 29 districts that applied to participate will receive program funding.