Tennessee Lawmakers To Hold Trail Of Tears Ceremony

Jun 26, 2014

Trail of Tears National Historic Trail Map (NPS)
Credit http://www.nps.gov/trte/upload/TRTE_ContextMap_20091104.jpg

Tennessee lawmakers will publicly renounce the state’s involvement in the Trail of Tears.

The state legislature passed and Governor Bill Haslam signed the resolution, stating regret over the state’s involvement in the Indian Removal Act of 1830, also known as the Trail of Tears.

Resolution sponsor Representative Glen Casada said the resolution isn’t worded as an apology, because the state can’t apologize for the actions of others, but does offer sincere regret.

Friday’s ceremony (27 June) will be open to the public and will include Native American music and dance and remarks from tribal leaders. It will be held in the chamber of the House of Representatives.