Tenn Words Update: What Keeps You Up At Night?

May 26, 2015

Responses fill up the Tenn Words wall at the International Biscuit Festival on May 16 in downtown Knoxville.
Credit WUOT News, Matt Shafer Powell

Our Tenn Words display made its debut at the International Biscuit Festival in downtown Knoxville on May 16 and we were thrilled with the response.  Throughout the day, visitors to the festival had the opportunity to read the wall, discuss the responses that were pinned to it and post their own ten-words-or-less answers to the question "What Keeps You Up At Night?".  Some of the answers were whimsical and fun; others were quite poignant and provocative:

  •  "Too much medication and a conflicted heart" 
  • "Spiders"
  • "My snoring husband"
  • "Regret, the children I killed in war :("
  • "The honeybees!"

In all, we received more than 70 new responses.  You can see all the answers collected that day on our Instagram page.  And be sure to join us Thursday, May 28 at Suttree's High Gravity Tavern in downtown Knoxville for the Pubs 4 Public Radio event.  The folks at Suttree's are contributing a percentage of all drink receipts to WUOT.  The Tenn Words booth will also be there so that you can participate in this ground-breaking project.

Remember, you can also answer the question by clicking here.

Tenn Words is a joint venture between 91.9 FM WUOT and the University of Tennessee College of Social Work.  Responses to the Tenn Words questions will be collected, sorted and examined for interesting outliers and overarching trends.  WUOT's award-winning news department will use the results to produce radio news programs.