Tenn Words Update: Bedtime Stories

Jul 21, 2015

Since the middle of May, we've been asking folks from all around East Tennessee to answer the question "What keeps you up at night?" in ten words or fewer.  

With approximately 650 responses so far, we've begun combing through the responses and identifying and exploring some interesting trends and ideas.   

In the first season of our Tenn Talks  podcast (Bedtime Stories), producer Brittany Crocker is assembling an informative and interesting catalog of interviews developed from your Tenn Words responses.  

Throughout the course of the season, we'll explore concepts like lucid dreaming and co-sleeping.  We'll learn more about the hot flashes that keep many post-menopausal women awake at night and we'll discuss the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy.  We'll learn more about the intense challenges faced by family caretakers in an episode called "You Sleep When They Sleep."  

And this is just the beginning.   

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