Studies Of 2013 Congressional Voting Find Tennessee Mostly Conservative

Feb 24, 2014


Recent studies of voting patterns in the US Congress show Tennessee House Republicans had solidly conservative voting patterns in 2013.

CQ Roll Call and National Journal are two Washington, DC public policy publications. The Tennessean newspaper reports that both reviewed last year’s congressional votes by state, finding that Tennessee had the 12th most conservative congressional delegation in the nation.

US Representative Scott DesJarlais voted conservative more than 94% of the time, the highest among Tennessee House members and 4th highest among all 435 House members.

US Representatives Diane Black and Chuck Fleischmann voted with fellow Republicans 98% of the time, earning the highest “party unity” scores.

Both studies show US Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker were more willing to buck the party line:  among 45 Republican senators, Alexander and Corker ranked among the least conservative. Both made CQ Roll Call’s list of Republicans most likely to vote against their party.

CQ Roll Call showed Corker voting with President Obama 50.9% of the time last year, putting him on the list of GOP senators most likely to support the president’s positions.