State Legislation Update: Executive Authority Bills

Feb 19, 2014


Legislation that aims to curb the power of the state Governor is getting support from some state workers.  

Members of the Tennessee State Employees Association are throwing their weight behind legislation that would require the governor to report any layoffs of 50 or more state workers made when the legislature is out of session. State Representative Matthew Hill says his interest is in transparency between the legislature and the Governor’s office. Governor Haslam says he has concerns about the bill.

Legislation now on the floors of both state Houses would require Governor Haslam to get legislative approval before expanding TennCare. The measure would keep the Governor from moving unilaterally on the possible expansion of TennCare and would ensure that lawmakers  have the last word on the Medicaid program.

Governor Haslam said he already plans to get the General Assembly’s approval for the move, should he decide to offer TennCare to about 175,000 more Tennesseans.

The Governor has delayed the decision for more than a year.