State Legislation Update: Agritourism And Common Core Bills

Mar 11, 2014


New legislation waiting for a signature from Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam authorizes entertainment activities on Tennessee farms. 

The Knoxville News Sentinel reports that the measure was drafted by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture with the intent to allow farmers to more fully participate in agritourism.

There are concerns that the legislation would allow farms to hold events otherwise outlawed by zoning anti-nuisance restrictions, such as loud concerts. Bill sponsors Representative Barry Doss and Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris say the bill only applies to entertainment combined with but secondary to normal farming. 

The Tennessee House has passed legislation overseeing student data collected under Common Core. 

Common Core education standards are intended to provide students with the skills for critical thinking, problem solving and writing for college and the workforce. One of the main criticisms of Common Core is that personal student data could be shared with the federal government.

But State Representative Bill Dunn sponsored a measure that would require that any student data collected under Common Core be ONLY used to track student needs and academic progress. The Senate version is in the Senate Calendar Committee.

Forty-five states have adopted Common Core, including Tennessee in 2010.