Pilot/Flying J Offers To Settle Price-Skimming Lawsuits

Jul 16, 2013

Pilot/Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam speaks to the media in April 2013 after federal officials raided the company's Knoxville headquarters.
Credit Christine Jessel

Officials from Pilot/Flying J announced today the Knoxville-based truck stop chain has offered to settle and consolidate several of the lawsuits filed against the company by trucking clients who claim Pilot's sales staff shorted them on promised fuel rebates.  According to documents filed in an Arkansas courtroom, the company has agreed to pay back all rebates owed with 6% interest.  This will extend to all accounts held the Pilot Flying J, not just those named in the class action lawsuit.

“Customers who are concerned about their accounts may join in the class by simply doing nothing.  Their accounts will be audited free to the customer,” Haslam said.

Audits have already begun, and checks have already been mailed.  But Haslam says if further audit finds it in the customers favor, rebates mailed before settlement terms were named will be adjusted according to the settlement’s standard. 

The settlement agreement also extends to costs outside of rebates due, ensuring no financial burden on the customers of Pilot Flying J.

“Pilot Flying J will pay all court, administrative, accounting, mailing, processing and legal costs incurred as part of the procedure approved by the court today, ensuring our customers will get every dollar they are owed, with interest, without protracted legal battles, time delays or costly legal expenses,” Haslam said.

In April, federal agents raided the Pilot Flying J Headquarters to seize documents.  Allegations were brought to public attention that some members of the company’s sales team were paying customers less than what was owed on rebates issued by the company.