Pigeon Forge Attraction Nears Completion Almost A Decade After Construction Began

May 27, 2013

The Island, Pigeon Forge.
Credit The Island, Facebook.com

  An opening day's getting closer for a Sevier County attraction almost a decade after construction first began.

The Pigeon Forge attraction “The Island” is scheduled to open in mid-June.

“The Island” was originally “Belle Island” back in 2003. That attraction got as far as holding job fairs for potential employees - then its backers ran into financial trouble. 

The development, then 80% complete, sold in foreclosure for $23.9 million in 2009; it sat vacant until 2011 when it was sold as part of a city deal that would also create an events center.

Now signs are going up on the Pigeon Forge parkway, a 200-foot Ferris wheel attraction’s been through safety testing, and businesses and restaurants are hiring again.