New Legislation Will Keep Tennessee Towns And Cities From Forcing Annexation

Apr 3, 2014


Legislation now before Governor Bill Haslam will require voter approval for towns and cities to annex new areas. House sponsor Representative Mike Carter said this legislation represents a success for average citizens in the legislative process.                           

The Tennessee House gave final approval to the measure yesterday. The measure passed the Senate in March.

The bill allows citizens to petition a city for voluntary annexation; if the city agrees, the designated property will be brought into city limits. If a town or city wants to annex an area, it will be subject to a residents’ referendum.

Tennessee has allowed annexation by ordinance since 1955. It’s one of six states that still authorize annexation without a vote by residents.

Last year, the General Assembly put a moratorium on forced annexation, expiring next month. The Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations is studying the matter.