Mysterious Knoxville Business At Center of Theater Shooter's Ammo Supply

Jul 15, 2013


Credit creative commons- mr. smashy

An investigative report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch claims a mysterious business owned by two former University of Tennessee graduates is part of a complicated supply chain that eventually provided ammunition to James Holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 others at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater last July.

The paper attempted to follow the circuitous route of some 6,000 rounds of ammunition that were delivered to Holmes' Colorado home prior to the July 20 rampage.  It eventually leads to LuckyGunner LLC, a company that runs several popular ammo supply web sites.  

Official Tennessee registration documents filed on behalf of LuckyGunner list a West Knoxville office address.  An annual report suggests LuckyGunner was founded and is managed by Jordan Mollenhour and  Dustin Gross, two University of Tennessee graduates who also dabbled in real estate development in Knoxville. 

However, attempts by the Post-Dispatch to locate an actual office were unsuccessful.  The same held true for the paper's attempt to locate the Bearden offices of Business Services & Solutions LLC, another company allegedly run by Mollenhour and Gross. 

At publication time, the Post-Dispatch was unable to reach either man for comment. 

In the meantime, the paper claims Holmes' shipment of ammunition may have actually originated from an Atlanta warehouse, by a logistics company that admits shipping products for LuckyGunner.