The Method: Back to Pluto; A New Dryer Shakes Up Laundry Day

Jul 29, 2015

Mountains made of ice reach more than 10,000 feet above Pluto's surface - a mile higher than the highest summits of the Appalachians. But astronomers have no idea how they were created.
Credit NASA

Back on our April show, University of Tennessee planetary scientist Josh Emery came by to brief us on the big questions about Pluto and its moons ahead of New Horizon's historic flyby. That encounter, the primary goal of the New Horizons mission, happened on July 14. Scientists here on Earth are just getting their first glimpses at the results, and Dr. Emery is back to tell us what they're learning.

Then, Chrissy Keuper talks about a new clothes dryer invented at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It uses vibrations, not heat, to dry laundry.

ONLINE EXTRA: More with planetary scientist Josh Emery, including big questions about Pluto's geology and surface features.