Maryville Residents To Vote On Sales Tax Increase Today

Dec 10, 2013

Credit (Steve Speer)

Voters in Maryville will head to the polls today to decide whether they want to pay more for any purchases they make within the city limits.  A “yes” vote on the sales tax proposal would raise the local sales tax in Maryville from 2.25% to 2.75%.  When combined with the 7.00% state sales tax on most non-food items, the cost of a $100 purchase in Maryville would increase by $.50.  

The $2.5 million raised each year by the tax increase would be split between the city and the school district.  City leaders say they would use some of the money to repair aging equipment, such as garbage trucks and street sweepers.  School officials say the new revenue would be used to enhance security at the high school and help to provide physical improvements at some of the district’s other schools.

There are 16,500 registered voters in Maryville. Between early voting and absentee ballots, 1294 residents have already cast their ballots in this election.