Knoxville Police Chief Asks For Public's Help In Solving July Shootings

Aug 5, 2013


The Knoxville Police Department reports that no one has been arrested for most of the July shootings in Knoxville.  KPD Chief David Rausch says that means victims and witnesses aren't cooperating with investigations and that cooperation usually leads to successful prosecutions.

The department recorded 12 shootings with victims in July, with two shootings resulting in deaths. Arrests have been made in only two shootings.

Rausch says the shootings have not as yet been connected to each other and that witnesses appear to be more afraid of retribution than distrustful of police.

Rausch also said there’s been a 17% decrease this year over 2012 in aggravated assaults, which include shootings, but that homicides are up 16% over last year.

The Chief encourages the public to use the KPD’s anonymous tip line:  865.215.7212.