Knox County Schools Security Officer Arrested Following Deadly Feud

Sep 17, 2013

Michael Woodby (left) and Kevin Waggoner (right) confront each other in a video shot by Waggoner and submitted to local news outlets. Waggoner has been arrested and faces a criminal homicide charge in Woodby's death.
Credit Kevin Lee Waggoner via the

A Knox County school security officer has been arrested  after allegedly shooting and killing his Union County neighbor Monday night.  Kevin Waggoner of Luttrell has been charged with criminal homicide.

A spokesperson for the Knox County Schools would not reveal the location of the school where Waggoner works.  Waggoner has been employed by the school system for slightly more than two years. 

Woodby’s death follows a long, bizarre chain of events that eventually led to Monday night’s shooting near the road that separates the two neighbors.   According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Woodby and his wife have received several orders of protection from Waggoner, claiming Waggoner fired on the couple’s five year-old son, their dog and their house.

In a letter sent to various media outlets three days before the shooting, Waggoner claims the orders of protection were based on inaccurate information the Woodbys had given to police.  In the letter, he portrays Woodby as the aggressor and suggests local law enforcement wasn’t interested in helping him.