Knox County Officials To Meet Concerning Wrongful Arrests

Oct 22, 2013


A Knox County judge said he’ll talk with local leaders about errors in the Knox County Criminal Court Clerk's Office that led to some wrongful arrests.                                      

Knox County General Sessions Court Judge Andrew Jackson VI told WBIR-TV that he’s unsure of how many wrongful arrests have taken place. Jackson’s comments follow a WBIR investigation into errors in the Knox County Criminal Court Clerk's that led not only to wrongful arrests, but to some people kept in jail past scheduled release dates.

According to WBIR, those errors date from July 2012 to early September of this year.

Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey said there have been isolated mistakes made, but it’s not a systemic problem.

Judge Jackson said he expects discussions to include the criminal court clerk's office, sessions court judges, the Knox County Sheriff's Office, the county's IT department, and the District Attorney General's Office. Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett said he’d also like to be involved.