Knox County Businesses Pledge To Support "Breastfeeding Welcomed Here" Program

May 24, 2013

Decals like this will welcome mothers to area businesses.
Credit / Breastfeeding Welcome Here

The Knox County Health Department is working with area businesses to create welcoming spaces for moms who breastfeed their kids. 

While Tennessee law says a mother can breastfeed her child in any location, public or private, Knox County Health Department director Martha Buchanan says a new partnership will work to encourage more people to accept the practice.

"We’re told by women one of the main reasons they discontinue breastfeeding is lack of societal support," she says.  "They’re being made to feel that they’re doing something wrong or inappropriate so they can’t go out and do what they need to do.”

Buchanan says the health department hopes to address an early childhood problem by helping moms to stick with breastfeeding. 

“One of the big reasons we’re involved is because breastfed babies tend to have less obesity,” she says.  Buchanan says about 20 area businesses are already on board. The program, called "Breastfeeding Welcomed Here," asks participating businesses to educate employees and put up window decals to welcome moms.  Participating businesses and organizations so far include: 

  • Arbor Pro Tree Specialists
  • Bella Luna
  • Bread of Life
  • Burlington Branch Library
  • City of Knoxville
  • CQ Photography
  • EdFinancial
  • Exedy America Corporation
  • Fluff n’ Stuff Natural Parenting Store
  • Heliotropic Healing
  • Honey Dew Naturals
  • Just Ripe
  • Knox County
  • Knox County Health Department
  • Knoxville Pediatric Associates
  • Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union
  • LBMC
  • Lisa Ross Birth & Women’s Center
  • Lockmiller PR
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutritional Support, PC
  • Renal Management Company
  • Three Rivers Market