Former Knox County Trustee Scheduled For Sentencing Next Week

Aug 8, 2013


Former Knox County Trustee John Duncan III will face sentencing August 15, 2013, after pleading guilty to official misconduct, a felony.   

Duncan got a one-year probationary term as part of his plea deal. Now, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports that he’s seeking a judicial diversion, meaning his record would be erased as long as he obeys the law during that one-year period.

Duncan pleaded guilty last month to felony official misconduct for approving bonuses for himself and other Trustee’s office staffers without completing the training required to receive those bonuses. Duncan denies knowing that he was breaking the lawwhich conflicts with a claim by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Duncan, 33, is the son of US Representative John J. Duncan Jr. and nephew of Tennessee State Senator Becky Duncan Massey.