East Tennessee Geologist Marks Curiosity's First Year on Mars

Aug 6, 2013


Geologist Linda Kah analyzes layered sedimentary rocks on Mars, not unlike those pictured here in Utah.

In the wee hours of August 6, 2012, a mobile laboratory the size of a car touched down on the dusty surface of Mars. In the year since that exhilarating landing, NASA's Curiosity rover has been poking, prodding and sniffing the rocks around it in an attempt to better understand Mars’ past and present. Linda Kah is a geologist at the University of Tennessee, and she’s a part of the science team investigating Mars from right here on Earth. On August 6, Dr. Kah talked to WUOT All Things Considered host Brandon Hollingsworth about what Curiosity has learned in its first year, and the exciting "road trip" yet to come.