Cumberland County Man Arrested In Quadruple Homicide

Sep 13, 2013

Credit Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Police have arrested a Crab Orchard man for the murder of four young people on Renegade Mountain in Cumberland County.

TBI investigators say they arrested 26 year-old Jacob Allen Bennett Friday.  Bennett was already in custody in Rhea County after being arrested Thursday night on a parole violation.  . 

The bodies of Danielle Jacobson, 22, Steven Presley, 17, Dominic Davis, 17 and John Lajeunesse, 17 were discovered in a parked vehicle Thursday morning by a resident of this former resort community.  All four victims had been shot to death.

"We believe that we have this person that committed these crimes in custody, that this community is safe," TBI Director Mark Gwyn told reporters at a Friday afternoon press conference.

Authorities have not revealed a motive for the killings, but they say the suspect and the victims knew each other "to some degree."   

Renegade Mountain was developed in the 1960's as a ski resort, but it failed to live up to its initial promise and the ski mountain and golf course were eventually left to ruin.  Although most of the lots have never been developed, the mountain is still home to 37 full-time families, according to the web site of the Renegade Mountain Community Club.