City Ready For Feedback On Food Truck Plan

Mar 12, 2014


Residents of Knoxville, local restaurateurs and food truck owners will have the chance to comment on the city's new Mobile Food Vendor Pilot program tonight.  The program gives mobile food vendors rules on when they can operate and where.   

After months of planning, the City of Knoxville released guidelines for its Mobile Food Vendor Pilot Program Tuesday. The program includes designated metered areas where mobile vendors will be permitted to park, established hours of operation and a $500 annual mobile food vendor permit.

City of Knoxville Business Liasion Patricia Robledo says local restaurant owners and food truck operators were consulted when the plan was being formulated and the city will continue to be flexible throughout the pilot program.

"We are committed to keeping this public input going as we have from the beginning and we'd love to have feedback from both the public sector, the customers as well as the mobile units and the mobile unit operators," Robledo told WUOT News.

The public forum is scheduled for  5:30 tonight at the Southern Depot, 318 W. Depot Ave. 

"I'm not sure exactly what we will hear tonight," Robledo said. "I have heard people, you know, raising questions about the $500 fee. And so we will address that and how we came up with that."

The pilot program is scheduled to begin on April first.​