Calculation Error Means Readjustment For Jefferson County School Budget

Jun 12, 2014

Credit Jefferson County Schools

A mistake in projecting tax revenues made a budget deficit in the Jefferson County school system look better than it actually is. Now that the error is being corrected, school leaders may have to make more cuts to help close the gap.

When Jefferson County Finance Director Darrell Helton calculated tax revenues for the school system, he accidentally used the wrong tax rate, the Standard-Banner reported. When Helton corrected his figures, the school system's estimated $1.7 million deficit for FY 2015 rose to $1.9 million. Helton shared the news with the board last week.

Estimated tax revenues will likely change again before a final budget can be compiled, but Helton couldn't offer specifics. The Jefferson County school board will have to meet again to look at how the updated figures will play into its budget proposal, in an effort to help close the shortfall. The board's final spending plans will have to be approved by the county commission and its budget committee.