Big Fourth Of July Displays Continue Despite Forecast

Jul 3, 2013

Last year, a heat wave led some East Tennessee communities to postpone fireworks displays. This year, the threat of heavy rains is leading to the same result across the region. Oak Ridge, Clinton and Jefferson County are postponing 2013 celebrations. But Marci Claude, Public Relations Manager at the Knoxville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, says the threat hasn’t stopped the nation’s first Fourth of July parade.

“We cannot postpone this parade; there’s too many people involved, too much going on and the floats are being set up and decorated right now,” she says.   

Credit Robert Tuck, flickr Creative Commons.

Claude says the bureau’s gotten a lot of calls about the weather, but says almost as many callers who say they’re coming rain or shine.

“Rain is not enough to keep us from having a parade tonight,” she says.

The attitude’s much the same in Pigeon Forge, where city representatives say the festival will go on as scheduled - again, rain or shine.

Knoxville’s large fireworks display is still planned despite the forecast. City spokesperson Jesse Fox Mayshark says the fireworks will go off as scheduled unless there’s lighting when it’s time to light the fuses.