BCBS Tennessee Plans to Extend Policies Additional Year

Nov 18, 2013

Credit outsidethebeltway.com

Nine days after announcing it would notify 66,000 customers they would have to find new policies, the largest health insurance provider in Tennessee says it plans to extend those policies for another year.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee's decision came in response to a White House shift on insurance policies that were ruled invalid under the Affordable Care Act. The Nashville Tennessean reported the move will apply only to the existing customers who would have been affected by cancellations, not new customers. In a statement Thursday afternoon, President Barack Obama left the final decisions up to state authorities and insurance providers.

It's unclear exactly what will happen next. BCBS' decision would appear to be a reprieve for the 66,000 customers whose policies don't comply with ACA requirements. But the details have yet to be worked out. BCBS says it will work with state insurance regulators to review policies and costs.

"We continue to review the President’s policy change and are awaiting additional guidance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to ensure we have all the information needed to implement this order," said a statement issued Friday by Tennessee Insurance Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak.

A decision from state officials is expected early this week, the Tennessean reported.