Asian Carp Threaten Tennessee Waterways

Jul 31, 2013


Tennessee wildlife officials are looking for ways to contain an invasive fish.

The Asian carp was introduced to fish farms in Arkansas, and entered the Mississippi River system because of flooding. Now, wildlife officials say several breeds of the Asian carp are in Tennessee waters and are a threat, not only to native species of fish, but also to humans.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Chief of Fisheries Bobby Wilson says boat motor vibrations scare silver carp, which leap from the water, often hitting boaters and water skiers.

The Chattanooga Times-Free Press reports that the TWRA’s current plan for containing the fish is commercial fishing. Wilson says carp can’t usually be caught with traditional hook and line and can often only be caught using a net, which is a risk to native fish species. The agency is also considering fish processing plants in the state, specifically for carp.