Art, Commerce Collide in John Logan's "Red"

Feb 5, 2013

Art for art's sake is a nice sentiment, but even the purest of artists has to eat. So you have to make a little money. But what's the line between artistic credibility and selling out? And does it matter? Those are some of the issues raised in Red, a play by John Logan at the Clarence Brown Theatre in Knoxville. Mark Rothko, a giant of mid-century art, wrestles with his own sense of artistic propriety as he struggles to complete a high-profile commission.  Michael Elich plays Rothko, Matt Leisy plays his assistant Ken, and John Sipes is the director of this production. The trio joined WUOT's All Things Considered host Brandon Hollingsworth to talk about what Red  says about the creative process, generational differences and the experience of making art.