Mike Murrell

Chief Engineer

Mike joined WUOT in March 1998. He is the station’s chief engineer and IT person. Mike installs, maintains and repairs all of the equipment at the radio station and WUOT’s two transmitter sites. He handles the purchasing and installation of the station’s computers and servers as well as maintains them and the station’s audio streams. If he has a spare minute, he's been known to hang pictures and assorted items for staff. His knowledge base grows yearly as technology changes and he works to keep the station on top of it.

In his free time, Mike likes to visit with family and friends, work on his home and play with his dogs. It's not uncommon to find him splitting wood or building something for his house on the weekends. He's proud of his kids, who are wonderful young adults. Jacob is becoming a firefighter and his daughter, Abby, is working on her bachelor's degree and is married to her wonderful husband, Adam. Mike likes to travel when WUOT will let him sneak away, and enjoys hiking and visiting unique historical locations when he can.

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