Kevin Richard Doherty

Early Morning Concert Host/Producer

Kevin Richard Doherty hails from Massapequa (Long Island),  New York.  He is a performer of art song, opera and musical theater.  As a performer, it has always been Kevin's passion to present classical music in interesting ways to make it accessible to a wider and more diverse audience.  Kevin has also been involved in opera education and outreach since 2008.  In that time he has performed opera for thousands of students and adults all across the south and southeast.  Since moving to Knoxville in 2010, Kevin has been a regular on stage with Knoxville Opera, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and the University of Tennessee Opera Theater.

 In his book From Thug to Scholar: An Odyssey to Unmask My Full Potential, University of Tennessee Professor, Dr. James A. Williams talks about his life growing up in the projects and how he "unmasked" to become the person he is today. Dr. Williams, a graduate of the Air Force with a Ph.D from Iowa State University, is in his second year as a professor at the UT. He comes to Knoxville after a two year stint at James Madison University. I had the distinct opportunity to sit down with Dr. Williams and talk to him a little bit about his story.

Kevin Richard Doherty sits down with soprano, Lindsay Russell and stage director, Candace Evans of Knoxville Opera's upcoming production of Engelbert Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel. Candace tells us about digging into the psyche of Humperdinck's masterpiece. She also talks about how her production of Philip Glass' Akhnaten was chosen by the composer himself as the definitive version for DVD.

An interview with Susan Hellauer, one of the founding members of the all-female vocal quartet Anonymous 4.