4:00 pm
Thu August 22, 2013

TVA's Base Power Rate Increases

Credit Tennessee Valley Authority

The Tennessee Valley Authority is raising the cost of power by 1.5 percent - but most consumers probably won’t feel the effect.

Base electric rates will go up by one-point-five percent on October first for the first time in two years as TVA works to increase falling revenues. TVA expects to sell less electricity in the 2014 fiscal year.

But thanks to lower monthly fuel cost adjustments, most customers are unlikely to notice the increase when it goes into effect. For example, this month, cost adjustments are expected to lower average bills by about 6 percent.  


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6:00 am
Thu August 22, 2013

Federal Immigration Decision Produces Varying Reactions in Knox County

Knox County's sheriff is livid. Immigrants' rights advocates are pleased. Two very different reactions generated by one decision.

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Next Wave Radio Project
4:30 am
Thu August 22, 2013

Celeste de la Rosa- Turning A Disability Into An Opportunity

Credit WUOT File Photo: Matt Shafer Powell

The job interview can be an intimidating experience even for the most prepared and confident candidate, but a job seeker with a disability faces an even greater set of challenges.  They have to show the employer they can do the job, but they also have to overcome any fears and assumptions the employer may have about working with someone who has a disability.  As part of our Next Wave Radio Project, WUOT’s Celeste de la Rosa looks into how some of those job candidates are turning their disabilities into opportunities... 

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Composers Datebook on WUOT

Composers Datebook , hosted by John Zech, is a daily two-minute program designed to inform, engage, and entertain listeners with timely information about composers of the past and present. Each program notes significant or intriguing musical events involving composers of the past and present—with appropriate and accessible music related to each.


Secrets of Ancient Roman Fort
2:16 pm
Wed August 21, 2013

UT Research Team Unearths Clues About Lives of Roman Soldiers

The Wadi Gharandal in Southern Jordan contains a spring that may have provided water to Roman soldiers living at this desert outpost in the 4th century.
Credit Ayn Gharandal Archaeological Project

In what’s being described as the type of find archeologists “dream of making”, a team of researchers and students from the University of Tennessee say they’ve discovered valuable clues to the lives of ancient Roman soldiers who once lived in the middle of the South Jordanian desert.

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The Writer's Almanac on WUOT

This five-minute radio gem is a listener favorite. Listeners across the country tune in each day as host Garrison Keillor (or a guest host) recounts the highlights of that day in history and reads a short poem or two.


Classics for Kids on WUOT

Classics for Kids® is a six-minute program for kids of all ages who want to learn more about classical music.

  "Localize" WUOT

San Francisco Opera on WUOT

The second largest opera company in North America, San Francisco Opera has been a leader among international opera companies for nine decades. The radio series brings these world-class performances to the airwaves, along with the occasional historic performance, with hosts Elaine Warner and Dianne Nicolini. Radio broadcasts are distributed by WFMT Chicago.

Cast information available on WFMT's website.

2014 Program Schedule

6:00 am
Wed August 21, 2013

Carr's Senate Bid No Easy Path

State Representative Joe Carr.
Credit Joe Carr for Senate

On Tuesday, Tennessee state Representative Joe Carr (R-Lascassas) announced he would abandon his bid for the 4th Congressional District seat and instead pursue a bigger target: incumbent U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander.

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