Lynne Harty

Theo Bleckmann talks with Todd Steed about his moving new work and his upcoming Big Ears performance.

TruckBeat: Your Zip Code And Your Health

Mar 9, 2017
WUOT News, Leslie Snow

It's called your "ZNA", your zip code at the time of your birth.  And according to National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins, it can determine the quality and length of your life.  In some cases, your ZNA is a better predictor of health than your DNA.

La Musique de Lise de la Salle

Mar 7, 2017

Afternoon Concert host Garrett McQueen speaks with pianist Lise de la Salle about her performance with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, and more. 

Melding Musical Worlds

Mar 2, 2017

Guitarist Andy LeGrand and vocalist Jacqueline Brecheen team up for a lovely performance and interview on the March episode of Studio 865.

Clarence Brown Theatre

The Busy Body is a comedy written in the 18th century about love and marriage. And about secret love and foiled marriage.

The play is also about women’s rights, and University of Tennessee professor Misty Anderson says the issues in The Busy Body have some relevance today. Anderson helped adapt the play for the Clarence Brown Theatre, where it's running until March 12. WUOT Morning Edition host Victor Agreda spoke with Anderson.