Bella Hristova Talks Sibelius

Feb 7, 2017

Afternoon Concert host Garrett McQueen speaks with violinist Bella Hristova about her January performance of the Sibelius Violin Concerto with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. 

via Flickr/Creative Commons

Since mid-January, close to a dozen East Tennessee school districts have called off classes on account of illnesses, particularly the flu, respiratory bugs and stomach viruses. While most parents and students are familiar with "weather days" that prompt school closures, we wanted to know more about how decisions are made when illness, not snow, is an interruption to daily routines.

Dialogue: Refugee Resettlement In Tennessee

Feb 1, 2017
Bridge Refugee Services, Inc.

This edition of Dialogue joins a much larger discussion happening nationally about refugees and the American people. That discussion has been marked by political fights, misinformation, a lot of talking and very little listening. We'll explain how refugee resettlement works, so that you have context to better understand current events, such as President Donald Trump’s January 27 executive order. Host Brandon Hollingsworth is joined by three panelists:

Holly Johnson, state refugee coordinator for the Tennessee Office on Refugees, based in Nashville.

This summer, Dawn Distler will mark her third anniversary as director of KAT, Knoxville's public transit agency. The system is fortunate to have a city government that supports public transportation, Distler says, but providing that service is costly. KAT must respond to funding, customer requests, public demand and other factors that may shift over time.

Comedian Trae Crowder shares his favorite music and explains his reasons for leaving Knoxville.