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This week marks six months since wildfires swept into the city of Gatlinburg. The fires damaged or destroyed nearly a thousand buildings in town and killed fourteen people. City manager Cindy Ogle spent the night of November 28 at an emergency command center. Her husband joined the thousands who fled the city. Their house burned.

Healthcare In Tennessee: What Does The Future Hold?

May 26, 2017

Walter Davis is the Executive Director at the Tennessee Healthcare Campaign, a nonprofit consumer healthcare advocacy group. In this interview with WUOT's Victor Agreda, he voices concerns about how Tennessee has handled access to healthcare, and considers the re-entry of Blue Cross in the state healthcare exchange. 

Anna Shternshis On Newly Discovered Music By Soviet Jews

May 24, 2017

Garrett McQueen speaks with Prof. Anna Shternshis from the University of Toronto about newly discovered music by Jewish people living in Soviet Russia. 

"Dinner and a movie" is a popular date-night option, but what about "dinner and an opera?" The opportunity doesn't present itself all too often, but this Thursday and Friday nights, Knoxvillians have the chance to enjoy a delicious dinner provided by Holly's Gourmets Market and an opera, performed by Marble City Opera.

The man behind some of your favorite NPR theme songs has released his first and possibly last album.  BJ Leiderman talks with Todd Steed about his lively new record, his own secret Watergate tapes, and his streaking past.