Chris Hebert's second novel, Angels of Detroit, has what a stage manager would call an ensemble cast: Close to a dozen characters, all with different backgrounds, upbringings, political views and economic security. The one connection is that they are all denizens of Detroit, Michigan, a city whose best days may be in its past. Each character wrestles with ideas about the future - the city's, and their own.

The Coker Legacy

Jul 12, 2016

Jerry and Patti Coker have made a lasting impression on the Knoxville jazz scene.  Their work in jazz education has worldwide implications.  Todd Steed discusses their impact with Donald Brown, Kelle Jolly and Tom Johnson. 

The Coker Legacy

Jul 12, 2016

Jerry and Patti Coker have made a lasting impression on the Knoxville jazz scene.  Their work in jazz education has worldwide implications.  Todd Steed discusses their impact with Donald Brown, Kelle Jolly and Tom Johnson. 

Five years ago this month, the final space shuttle mission ended, and with it, America's only homegrown route to manned space flight. NASA's present and future are defined by uncertainty. But it's almost always been that way. Even during the glory days of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo, NASA's existence and purpose were tied to overtly political goals. On this edition of Dialogue, an exploration of NASA and politics.

UT Sports has produced this stirring tribute to Pat Summitt's life and legacy.  You can see it here.

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This month, four new elements added to the periodic table received provisional names. One of those elements, number 117, was bestowed a name that got our attention, and perhaps yours, too: tennessine. If approved by an international body in November, Tennessine will join oxygen, carbon, helium and 114 other names on the periodic table of the elements.

A steady stream of Lady Vols fans and well-wishers filed past Pat Summitt Plaza on the University of Tennessee campus Tuesday to pay tribute to the legendary women's basketball coach.  Summitt died Tuesday morning, following a four-year battle with early -onset dementia, Alzheimer's type.  

Phil Batta

  Roane County is at the epicenter of U.S. drug trafficking. County officials tell WUOT's TruckBeat team more alternatives to incarceration and drug treatment could help ease overcrowding in a system where nearly all jail inmates are locked up for drug-related crimes. Watch Part 2 of our TruckBeat video series on Roane County's attempt to address its drug epidemic.

A team of meteorologists recently wrapped up the first phase of an unprecedented project to study tornadoes in the South. WUOT’s Brandon Hollingsworth reports the project’s results could change what meteorologists thought they knew about severe weather.


TruckBeat: "He Was My Baby"

Jun 10, 2016

Jessica Akhrass' brother died from an overdose of prescription opioid painkillers.    

Now, she is working on a memoir about the experience of losing her brother and successfully pushing for changes in Tennessee state law to tighten regulations around prescription opiates.

“It’s emotionally draining. You have to relive what happened in detail,” says Akhrass, who lives in Lenoir City. 

She says she hopes her book will help fight the stigma associated with addiction and encourage other people to fight for change, even when they’re not sure where to start.