Images of police in tactical gear at protests like those seen in Ferguson, Missouri sparked a debate about whether such gear creates more negative outcomes. However, a study conducted by researchers from UT’s Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research indicates that isn’t necessarily the case. I spoke to Matt Harris, one of the authors of the paper about their findings.

Del Bryant, Part Two

Sep 7, 2017

Part two of Todd's interview with Del Bryant.  Del talks about his BMI work, more on Rocky Top and the songs of his parents. 

Associated Press

If you think to yourself, "What kind of person believes that malarkey?" whenever you scan through your Facebook feed, consider this: Right now, someone is probably thinking the very same thing about you. 

"But wait!" you protest. "The facts are on my side! I'm not one of them."

The Technical Magic of Peter and the Starcatcher

Sep 1, 2017

Peter and the Starcatcher kicks off the new season at Clarence Brown Theatre with a fun sort-of prequel to the Peter Pan story. The play is almost a musical, but not quite. It's also a challenge for the technical staff, who have to make a dizzying variety of sets, costumes and sound and lighting effects.

WUOT's Victor Agreda spoke to the director, Casey Sams, and scenic designer Christopher Pickart about those technical challenges and the challenges faced by the cast when making the play come to life. 

Let's save health care!

Okay, how?

That's where the country is right now. Polls show Americans generally agree health options, coverage and care could stand a good spruce-up (or even a major renovation). But how, and by how much, are open questions that, for now, have no clear answers either among the public or among elected officials.