Rachel Grimes Digs Deep

Mar 18, 2017

Composer Rachel Grimes shares the stories and sometimes unpleasant surprises behind her new work, The Way Forth, which she will debut at the Big Ears Festival.  

Knoxville-based contemporary music ensemble, Nief-Norf, is presenting not one, but four concerts at this year's Big Ears Festival, including the opening concert at the official launch party.  Joined by special guest, percussionist Greg Stuart, the group will perform music by Michael Pisaro, Michael Gordeon, Pauline Oliveros, and Christopher Burns. Nief-Norf will "set the tone" of the festival by opening (at the launch party) with Oliveros' "Single Strike Roll Meditation," which requires the audience and performers to be fully present and in-the-moment.

Daniel Magilow, associate professor of German, discusses his upcoming talk for the Conversations and Cocktails series.

Tim Burchett remembers the incident well. A old friend, staying in a home Burchett had arranged for him, wandered onto a neighbor's porch and stole a can of mixed nuts. He did it because voices in his head instructed him to do so. The man was taken to jail, but it wasn't until Burchett, then a state senator, intervened that his friend got treatment for what jail authorities came to realize was bipolar disorder. He got medications, and got better.

"But not everyone has a friend who's a state senator," Burchett says.

Ask someone what their favorite opera is and they're likely to respond with Verdi's La Traviata, and for good reason! Verdi's opera is beautiful, gut-wrenching, and relatable, with an interesting story and complex characters. His score is full of some of the most beautiful and recognizable music in the operatic repertoire. And although Knoxville's opera fans may be familiar with Verdi's opera, they will not be familiar with Marble City Opera's unique presentation of it, which will take place at Historic Westwood, a home in the Sequoyah Hills area of Knoxville.