For decades, where Catholics went to mass was a matter of geography. But increasingly, the Church is making room for personal preferences, including ethnicity, social values or even the style of service. It's called the "personal parish," and it's the subject of Maryville College sociologist Tricia Bruce's new book, Parish and Place: Making Room for Diversity in the American Catholic Church.

Senior Ellie Yates discusses the upcoming Study Abroad Fair and her own study abroad experience in Chile. 

Polk County is the very southeast corner of Tennessee. Its population is just shy of 17,000. It’s known for its whitewater rafting and was once the epicenter of Tennessee’s copper industry. And, at this moment, it has no hospital. The Copper Basin Medical Center closed this month, not only leaving Polk Countians without immediate medical care, but becoming the tenth rural hospital in the state to close since 2010. Today, we look at the challenges rural hospitals face.

Translating Three Sisters

Oct 9, 2017

Three Sisters was written by Anton Chekhov in 1900 but its poignant look at humanity -- with all its foibles and fears -- endures to this day. Still, literary translation and dramatic translation are two very different things, as I learned when I spoke to Libby Appel, the translator of this version currently running at the Carousel Theatre. She's been a director of numerous plays, and brought that expertise to bear when translating Chekhov's work.

The Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra and Chorus begins its 2017/2018 season with a concert featuring "playful" music. The program is diverse and entertaining and is sure to please.