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President Trump has a rocky relationship with the reporters who cover his administration. But he's not the first chief executive to struggle with the press. On this edition of Dialogue, we hear about the history of the White House press corps and its dynamics with the president.

The Story Of A Mug

Oct 24, 2017

Frank Benson won the mug design contest.  Todd Steed sits him down for an intense discussion on mugs, coffee and radio. 

President Trump and Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander are two key players in the immediate future of health coverage in this country. Decisions about the individual marketplaces, open enrollment, cost-sharing payments to insurers are being made. But Trump and Alexander are pointing in different directions, emphasizing strong disagreement about the best way forward.

In 1953, Dmitri Shostakovich broke the "curse of the 9th" by composing his tenth symphony. Widely regarded as his "greatest" symphony, Shostakovich was finally free to compose as he wished, as Stalin had died earlier that year and, along with him, his oppressive regime, which greatly restricted composers (along with other artists and musicians) with the music that they could create. Hidden within the work is a musical depiction of Stalin and cryptograms of Shostakovich's own name, as well as that of a suspected girlfriend.

Early voting for five seats on the Knoxville City Council is underway. Election Day is Tuesday, November 7. The August primary narrowed the field from 30 candidates to ten - sort of. A second-place tie in the Fourth District forced the incumbent city council to make a choice. This they did, sending Harry Tindell on to the general election slate. Amelia Parker decided to stay in the race as a write-in option.