WUOT practicum student Jake White takes Todd through the world of Bedroom Pop. 

Brandon Reese

Late Monday night, photojournalist Brandon Reese and his colleague Megan Johnson Brown, made a risky decision. They headed into the teeth of the fire burning sections of Gatlinburg. They made it out safely, but not before indelible images were grilled into their minds. In this first-person account, Brandon Reese describes some of what they saw.

Five Guns

Dec 1, 2016

Few issues in Tennessee generate the kind of passion and intensity as guns.  For many, a gun is a swift and deadly instrument of mayhem.  Others, however, simply see a gun as a tool, only as dangerous as the hand holding it. 

During the week of November 28, 2016, WUOT will present five East Tennessee stories in which a gun plays a critical and life-altering role. Read more...

Megan Jamerson, WUOT News

This week’s rain wasn’t enough to reverse the effects of a long drought in the Tennessee River basin. James Everett monitors river levels for the Tennessee Valley Authority. His job is only getting tougher as the drought lingers. WUOT’s Megan Jamerson checks in with Everett to see how TVA is keeping an eye on water levels.

Videos of Wildfire Aftermath

Nov 29, 2016

Mark Nagi, Community Relations Officer for the Tennessee Department of Transportation (Region 1), is on the ground in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg and has been posting videos of the aftermath and cleanup.