Some people are natural introverts. Some are described as loners or homebodies. But for many others in America, particularly senior citizens, solitude is neither welcome nor within their control. This social isolation can degrade quality of life, has apparent connections to depression and addiction, and cane even shorten lifespans.

In this installment of HealthConnections, Dr. Carole Myers and Brandon Hollingsworth discuss social isolation, its causes, and how it can be prevented.

christopher oscar peña

christopher oscar peña's play The Strangers takes a look at America through different lenses. How can friends, neighbors and even family see the same world in very different ways? It's question communities across the country are asking, and it's a key question posed in peña's play. He spoke recently with WUOT's Brandon Hollingsworth.

Language Advisory: In this extended version of the interview, Mr. Peña refers to recent political commentary about immigrants "coming from s**thole countries." This phrase has been bleeped.

On Friday, February 23rd at 7:30 and Sunday February 25th at 2:30, Knoxville Opera will present Puccini's breathtaking and beloved opera, Turandot. Everything about this opera is grand in size and, as such, requires the larger space provided by the Knoxville Civic Auditorium, where it will be performed. Turandot requires big voices to compliment the thickly orchestrated and romantic score, while the plot demands a large, colorful set, costumes and makeup. 

Brandon Hollingsworth, WUOT News

White nationalists and protesters stood apart geographically and ideologically at the University of Tennessee Saturday afternoon. Matthew Heimbach, who chairs a group called the Traditionalist Workers’ Party, kicked off what he said would be a four-state college lecture tour called “National Socialism or Death.”

The TWP believes multiculturalism to be an existential threat to the United States, and in particular sees universities as bastions of views, such as cultural and racial diversity, that TWP finds objectionable.

English Professor and Chair of Excellence Joy Harjo discusses her upcoming talk, Rumble: Natives and American Music.  She will be joined by John Troutman and Julie Reed. 

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