Summer Heat Challenges the Homeless

Jul 27, 2017
Tony Swartz, via Flickr/Creative Commons

On the afternoon of July 11, the high in Knoxville hit 91 degrees. A small crowd gathered inside Volunteer Ministry Center on Broadway, taking refuge from the beating sun outside. Getting inside, in the air conditioning, is more than just a means for comfort. It can be vital for the people served by non-profits such as VMC. One of them is Steve. He says finding drinking water is crucial.

Wendell Potter On Fake News and Critical Thinking

Jul 24, 2017

Wendell Potter will participate in the  Truth and Consequences Symposium this week, and he's somewhat of an expert in "fake news" as it used to be called: propaganda. He worked in the health insurance industry, helping deliver the message of insurers hoping to shape legislation on their industry.

J. Douglas Bruce Professor Chuck Maland has just completed an edition of James Agee's movie writings called Complete Film Criticism: Reviews, Essays, Manuscripts, for which he also wrote an introduction about Agee's caeer as a movie reviewer for Time and The Nation.  He sits down with Todd Steed to discuss this ambitious project. 

Regardless of political persuasion, age, gender or other factors, one thing Americans seem to readily agree on is that medical care is too darn expensive. What explains the high cost of health care in this country, versus other industrialized nations?

On this edition of HealthConnections, University of Tennessee College of Nursing assistant professor Carole Myers explains three major elements that inflate medical costs in the U.S.: misapplication of supply and demand; an over-reliance on expensive, unnecessary tests; and a fragmented health insurance system.

ZaldyImg/via Flickr Creative Commons

For the first time in Tennessee history, local-level nonprofits will be able to establish and maintain syringe exchange programs. The programs are politically controversial, but medical experts generally agree they reduce disease transmission and may offer a path for addicts to enter recovery.