Education, highway paving, payroll expenses. Most of the money allocated in Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett's proposed FY 2017 budget is directed toward the necessities of county government and services.

"This budget isn't sexy," Burchett said in a morning budget announcement, "But that's the way it should be."

This Saturday, May 7th, The Aspen String Trio and flutist, Eugenia Molier, will give a concert at 7:30pm at Pollard Auditorium in Oak Ridge. This world-renowned ensemble has been performing together for 20 years and will present works by Mozart, Beethoven, Rossini, Richard Strauss, and Gideon Klein.

Morning Concert host, Melony Dodson, chats with the cellist of the group, Michael Mermagen. They discuss the founding of the group, their collaboration with Eugenia Moliner, and have an in-depth conversation about the music that they are presenting on the program.

  On this episode of TruckBeat, producers Matt Shafer Powell and Jess Mador examine access to healthcare, and how a lack of transportation and other poverty-related barriers –– non-medical things like bad credit, the location of a grocery store, and a low-paying job without sick days –– combine to form an undeniable bond between low-incomes and poor health. We hear Knoxvillians’ ideas for improving healthcare access. And TruckBeat producer Leslie Snow looks closely at this issue, and one possible solution. It’s called Telehealth.

Afternoon Concert host Whitney Dodds interviews guest conductor and KSO music director candidate Marcelo Lehninger. 

What Are Knoxvillians Saying About Health?

May 2, 2016

To find out, TruckBeat producers Matt Shafer Powell and Jess Mador took the truck out to Knoxville's popular Opera Rossini Festival International Street Fair. We found a good spot for conversation, and let TruckBeat photographer Phil Batta's camera roll. TruckBeat is #FindingAmerica.

Watch the video here!

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Mary Campbell, Assistant Professor of Art History, discusses her upcoming UT Humanities Center "Conversations and Cocktails' talk on plural wives from the Latter-day Saints in the nineteenth century.

The Knoxville Opera is producing an incredibly unique production of Puccini's opera "Tosca."  This Saturday, April 30th, each act is performed at a different venue (all within walking distance of each other), to reflect when and where the story would have actually taken place in real-life. The first act is performed at Church Street United Methodist Church, while Act II is presented at the Knoxville Convention Center and the final act, at the World's Fair Park amphitheater.  

America’s National Park Service turns 100 years old this year and on this segment of Dialogue, we take an historical trip in time to celebrate our favorite national park—The Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Author Courtney Lix joins host Matt Shafer Powell to discuss some of the people who have contributed to the park’s legacy throughout the last century.  And she discusses her new book Women of the Smokies.  

National Weather Service Morristown

Five years ago today, April 27, 2011, Tennessee and four other Southern states were ground zero for the largest tornado outbreak in American history. The Super Outbreak of 2011 produced a record number of tornadoes on a single day. In East Tennessee, 53 tornadoes killed 32 people and injured more than 300 others.