The Oak Ridge Symphony is presenting a concert this Saturday evening at 7:30pm with the theme of "Baroque to Modern."  The program is at First United Methodist Church, Oak Ridge, and features music of Telemann, Tchaikovsky, and Stravinsky.

Morning Concert host, Melony Dodson, has an in-depth conversation with conductor Dan Allcott about the music on this program and also about the Neoclassical period. 

Alexander Schimpf & The Chattanooga Symphony

Nov 18, 2015

Whitney Dodds talks with pianist Alexander Schimpf, the featured guest artist on the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra's November 19th concert. Schimpf also discusses his new album, which includes piano music of Brahms, Debussy and Beethoven. 

Chelsea Marie Cecilia Marlowe

A brand new Knoxville-based string quartet called "Inner Voices" makes its debut this Friday evening at the recently-opened creative hub, The Hive, located in Old North Knoxville.  Cellist, Jeanine Wilkinson, and violinist, Ruth Bacon, visited WUOT to talk about how they formed their group, their overall vision for the quartet and what sets them apart from other chamber groups, and about what they will be presenting during their debut performance. 

Don Dudenbostel

A harmless quip uttered by a Daily Beacon reporter in 1970 forever changed the course of a UT tradition. 

James Marvel Directs UTOT's Production Of "The Consul"

Nov 12, 2015

Director James Marvel joins Whitney Dodds in a conversation about The University of Tennessee Opera Theatre's upcoming production of Gian Carlo Menotti's opera "The Consul."  

U.S. Department of Energy

Thursday is a day for celebration in Oak Ridge, as residents mark the creation of the country's newest national park. The secretaries of the Interior and Energy departments signed documents this week formally establishing Manhattan Project National Historical Park.

Manhattan Project NHP is actually three parks, each at or near sites significant to the design and creation of the first atomic bombs. The other sites are located at Hanford, Washington, and Los Alamos, New Mexico.

A new analysis from the Center for Public Integrity gave Tennessee a D for its government integrity. The grade reflects the Center's findings after examining thirteen broad areas of government, from judicial accountability to public records access. Some of the issues identified as problems were loopholes in campaign finance laws, an ineffective state ethics commission, and a lack of legislative transparency.

  WUOT  is looking for an experienced, energetic, professional journalist to host Morning Edition and create innovative, compelling content for air and the web.  A two-time National Murrow winner, we place a premium on creativity, integrity and accountability in the way we cover East Tennessee.  We’re looking for someone who’s flexible, passionate and is energized by the challenges of working in public radio. 

Bachelor's Degree in related field required, along with at least one-to-two years' broadcasting experience.

Albert C. Goodyear

Archaeology is by definition the story of the past. But what we learn from it is quite often new and unexpected. Case in point: archaeological studies of Native American communities in the South that predate European exploration, or even the invention of written language. Anthropologist David Anderson will talk about what’s new in Southern archaeology at the University of Tennessee’s Pregame Showcase on November 7.

WUOT-FM has been chosen as one of only 15 public radio stations nationwide to participate in the Localore: Finding America project.  A sister to our Tenn Words project, TruckBeat will allow us to go further into our community to talk to the people and uncover the stories that make East Tennessee so interesting and unique.