The internet is riven throughout with misinformation. Some of it is malicious. Much of it is rumor, hearsay, misinterpretation or otherwise well-meaning but still inaccurate. Regardless of the motive, bad information is bad information. When it comes to your health, or that of your family, that misinformation can lead to bad outcomes.

Tom Lundberg's TV Jazz

Jun 1, 2018

Local musician Tom Lundberg talks with Todd Steed about his new recording, Prime Time.  

Nellie McKay checks in with Todd Steed to talk about her instant classic, Sister Orchid.  She also lets loose on social ills, swimming pools and more. 

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Pretty soon, vacationers and weekend warriors will take to East Tennessee’s lakes and rivers to seek some relief from the summer heat. But they aren’t the only ones that count on the Tennessee River’s resources. Commerce, electrical power and water utilities also depend on the river and its tributaries.

Keeping up with the watershed and all its uses is the job of the TVA River Management Center, and folks like Tom Barnett. Barnett recently spoke with WUOT's Brandon Hollingsworth.