Closings and Delays

1 hour ago

The following is a partial list of school/government closings and delays in the WUOT listening area.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Anderson County schools - closed

Blount County schools - closed

Campbell County schools - closed

Claiborne County schools - closed

Clinton city schools - closed

Fentress County schools - closed

Grainger County schools - closed

Hamblen County schools - 2-hour delay

Hancock County schools - closed

Jefferson County schools - closed

What Is Heritage Tourism?

7 hours ago


This week, fourteen states announced they're banding together to promote the U.S. Civil Rights Trail, creating an almost unprecedented push for what’s called heritage tourism. That's when visitors dive into the real history of a location, with goal of telling the story, whether good, or bad...or both.

Project Trio Comes To Knoxville

9 hours ago

Afternoon Concert host Garrett McQueen speaks with Aram Demirjian and Project Trio about music education, growing audiences, and their performance with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. 

2017 ended without resolution for several major questions about health and healthcare in the United States: Would CHIP funding be re-authorized? What will be the fate of community health centers? Why are some worried about major cuts to Medicare and Medicaid?

To pinpoint where the discussion stands, we turn again to Dr. Carole Myers, of the University of Tennessee College of Nursing. She will frame those questions, and explore the uncertainty over health legislation and medical programs as 2018 begins.

Bill Frisell Goes Big

Jan 12, 2018

Bill Frisell discusses his unique upcoming performance with the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra.