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What is WUOT-2? FAQs

If you enjoy listening to WUOT-2 through streaming audio, please consider supporting the station by making a financial contribution. Streaming is made possible with support from listeners like you. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Make a contribution.

Please email any questions or comments to WUOT's engineer, Mike Murrell.

Find links to the programs that air on WUOT-2 on our Program Schedule/Grid  

  NOTE: As of Friday afternoon, June 13, WUOT's MP3 stream is now working on all platforms. If you encounter problems, please contact the station engineer, Mike Murrell.  Click image to listen to our MP3 stream via broadband MP3. This stream is compatible with virtually all players including but not limited to WinAmp, Real, QuickTime, Windows Media, and SqueezeBox including SoftSqueeze.  

How to listen to the MP3 stream in Windows Media Player:
Open Windows Media Player
At the top click Tools
Thank click Options
Click File Types
Click in the box next to MP3 which will put a check mark in it
Click Apply, then click OK

The MP3 streams will now play in the windows media player.

 Click image to listen to our MP3 stream via WUOT's free application for iPhones and iPod/Touch devices.  This is a 56Kbs stream.

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 Click image to listen to our MP3 stream via your Android or other mobile device. This is 56Kbs stream. 

 Click image to listen to our stream on Windows Media. This is a 192Kbs stream. 

 Click image to listen to our MP3 stream via dial-up modem connection on your computer. This is a 32Kbs stream.